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Manual Twist Tie closing machine



Model M104TW

Explore the capabilities of the Model M104TW—an electric twist tie closing machine engineered by Comipak. Seamlessly merging innovation with efficiency, this model is a dynamic variant of our manual twist closing machine, the Model 104TW.

Manual electric Twist Tie machine

Elevate efficiency with electric ease
Experience the evolution of packaging with our user-friendly manual electric Twist Tie machine—the Model M104TW. This compact powerhouse simplifies your packaging process. As your products glide through the machine passage, our intelligent technology detects them and intuitively applies the precise length of twistband required, ensuring a secure closure every time.

Versatility that speaks across industries

Witness the adaptability of our machines, extensively utilized across diverse sectors including pasta, bakery, confectionery, dairy, sweets, vegetables, and fruits. Our technology transcends boundaries, allowing you to effortlessly seal and safeguard an expansive range of both edibles and non-edibles.

Beyond the machine—A complete solution

At Opti-Pack, we don't just deliver machines; we provide comprehensive solutions. The Model M104TW seamlessly integrates with our range of essential packaging materials. Whether you choose our high-quality plastic or opt for a more sustainable approach with kraft paper twistband, our machine guarantees a fluid and efficient packaging journey.

Manual twist tie closing system

Want to know everything about the Model M104 TW? Download our brochure and discover how this Twist-Tie machine can improve your packaging process!

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