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Manual Twist Tie machines

Introducing Comi Pak's manual Twist-Tie machines - the ideal machines for businesses that require a simple and cost-effective solution for packaging their products with a Twist-Tie.



Model 160TW-V

Discover the power of the Model 160TW-V, a versatile twist-tie machine. It's similar to its predecessor, like the 160TW, the Model 160TW-V offers exceptional capabilities with a distinct enhancement.

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Model M104TW

Explore the capabilities of the Model M104TW—an electric twist tie closing machine engineered by Comipak. Seamlessly merging innovation with efficiency, this model is a dynamic variant of our manual twist closing machine, the Model 104TW.

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Models 104TW-160TW

Elevate your packaging efficiency with the Models 104TW-160TW by COMIPAK. Designed to apply plastic or paper wire twistbands—known as fresh-savers—to pre-filled food bags or technical items needing secure fastening.

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