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Our partners

Our partners

An overview of our partners which we represent exclusively for the Benelux


BW Labeling, a part of the Barry-Wehmiller Packaging Group, is a manufacturer of labeling machines, sleeving machines, and shrink tunnels under the well-known brands Graham + Sleevit, as well as Harland labeling machines. We have been the exclusive supplier for sleeving machines for over 20 years, and we recently added the labeling program to our product line.

The Graham + Sleevit brands have been around for over 25 years prior to BW Labeling's acquisition. BW Labeling's sleeve systems are used worldwide for full-body decoration of rigid products or for tamper-evident solutions for bottles and jars, often operating 24/7. We offer a broad range of products, from modular "manual" systems to fully automated sleeve lines with capacities up to 650 sleeves per minute.

In addition to BW Labeling's sleeving machines, we also provide shrink sleeves for your project, if desired.

Harland Machine Systems, founded in 1972, is a name recognized throughout the industry for innovation. For over 50 years, Harland has been providing labeling solutions. It is one of the world's most experienced designers and manufacturers of pressure-sensitive and self-adhesive labeling machines.

Comi-Pak Engineering srl

Comi-Pak is an Italian company that has been active in the packaging industry for 20 years. They are specialized in designing and building Industrial clip and twist machines that are mainly used in the food industry. From manual input to fully automated systems, Clipband & twist tape are often produced from plastic whether or not reinforced with iron wire and have nowadays been replaced by sustainable biodegradable materials and kraft paper. This creates sustainable, resealable packaging!

In addition to the delivery of the clipclosing and twistmachines from Comi-Pak, we also supply the right Twist Tie and clip closures for the optimal use of these machines.


ITALPACK is the global market leader when it comes to complete packaging lines for packaging products in preformed block bottom bags. ITALPACK supplies an extensive range of various models, all with a matching dosing system. If you are looking for a sustainable packaging solution, we offer the solution with kraft paper block bottom bags.

ITALPACK packaging machines are always fully tailored to the product being processed and the packaging you use. This makes these machines the best choice for you! 


IROSTEL, located in the Barcelona area, specializes in the production of high-quality clip and twistband, plastic closures whether or not reinforced with metal wire. The latest sustainable developments are clipband and twistband produced from biodegradable materials and kraft paper. 
They produce this material in rolls for use with (semi-)automatic clip and twisting machines or cut to any length for manual use.

IROSTEL's products are of high quality and can be used on all machines of the renowned brands.



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