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Sleeve Master for Pink Gellac

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Sleeve Master for Pink Gellac

Posted on 8-2-2019

We have recently installed an enchanting sleeve system at Private Brand Concepts in Baarn. PBC, the creator of the renowned Pink Gellac - the revolutionary nail polish that stays radiant for up to 14 days under an LED or UV lamp.

Using our unique ACCRAPLY I GRAHAM Sleeve Master Plus concept, sleeves in various colors and designs are applied over the Pink Gellac products

For the sleeve shrink tunnel, the Shrinkmaster 750 hot air tunnel model was chosen, which provides a stunning result for the Pink Gellac product.

The entire system is user-friendly, easy to operate, and highly adjustable.

We wish the entire Pink Gellac team great success with the launch of this new product line!


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