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Sleeves consumables

Introducing our high-quality shrink sleeve labels - perfect for elevating product packaging. Made with premium materials and cutting-edge technology for a flawless finish on various packaging types. Vibrant colors and stunning graphics ensure your products stand out and leave a lasting impression.


Unprinted sleeves

Are you in need of tamper-evident or full-body sleeves for your products, but don't require any printing on them? Look no further than our range of unprinted shrink sleeves!

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Eco-Friendly Sleeves

Choose our green sleeve materials for sustainable packaging that preserves the planet. Our eco-friendly sleeves reduce environmental impact and protect natural resources. Discover how our sustainable packaging solutions improve the environment.

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Printed sleeves

Introducing our collection of printed shrink sleeves - Elevate Your Products with Eye-Catching Printed Shrink Sleeves!

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