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Twin Spool Unwind


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Twin Spool Unwind

Discover the cutting-edge Opti-Pack Twin Spool Unwind System – your ultimate solution for optimizing the sleeve application process. Experience uninterrupted production and seamless efficiency with this innovative technology.

Twin reel holder for shrinksleeves

Efficiency Redefined: Seamless Sleeve Application

Available in both horizontal and vertical designs, the Opti-Pack Twin Spool Unwind stores an extra full roll of sleeve material alongside the active roll, ensuring a constant supply to the sleeve applicator. Say goodbye to interruptions and production downtime, as this system guarantees a continuous workflow.

Smart Alarms and Splicing Excellence

Stay ahead of potential issues with low-level and end-of-reel alarms that notify operators when sleeve material is running low. This proactive alert system prevents disruptions, enabling your production line to operate at its peak. Additionally, the integral splice table minimizes downtime during splicing, maximizing efficiency and output.

Quality in Every Detail: Seamless Application, Maximum Output

The system features a strategic air box material reservoir at the outfeed, reducing sleeve material tension. This translates to a smooth, uniform application, devoid of wrinkles, and enhances the overall product quality. Your packaging will exude professionalism and precision.

Invest in Excellence with Opti-Pack

Upgrade your sleeving process with the Opti-Pack Twin Spool Unwind System – a commitment to increasing efficiency, streamlining operations, and eliminating downtime. Elevate your production to new heights and witness the transformation firsthand.

Want to know everything about the Graham I Sleevit Twin Spool unit? Download our brochure and discover how this Twin Spool unwind unit can improve your packaging process!


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