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Twist Tie machines



Model A104LAT

Simplify your packaging process with the Model A104LAT – a pinnacle in horizontal twist machines, designed for both manual and flowpacker-fed bags. Experience seamless automation, thanks to the advanced photocell technology that triggers twisting the moment it senses a package.

Twist Tie machines

Efficiency redefined: Twist Tie machines designed for perfection – the Model A104LAT leads the way. Equipped with an electro-pneumatic operation and offering a 100 mm twist length, this machine seals bags with dimensions ranging from 180 x 80 x 50 mm to 500 x 250 x 200 mm. Achieve speeds of up to 25 packages per minute without compromising precision.

Versatile applications: From pasta and bread to dairy products and candy, the A104LAT caters to diverse sealing needs. It's your go-to solution for sealing various products such as pastries, vegetables, and fruits. Elevate your packaging process with the reliable and efficient capabilities of the Model A104LAT.

Comprehensive packaging solutions: Beyond the Model A104LAT, we offer an array of essential packaging materials. Our high-quality plastic and sustainable kraft paper twistbands ensure a seamless and eco-conscious packaging experience.

Upgrade your packaging process with the Model A104LAT and optimize your efficiency with our superior twistbands.

Twist Tie closure

Want to know everything about the A104 LAT? Download our brochure and discover how this twis-tie machine can improve your packaging process!

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