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Pack 100 - the ultimate sustainable packaging solution



Pack 100

Experience the PACK 100 - the ultimate sustainable packaging solution for businesses with high capacity requirements!

Pack 100 - the ultimate sustainable packaging solutionExperience the cutting-edge PACK 100 – an unparalleled packaging solution meticulously designed to cater to the distinct needs of high-capacity businesses. This innovative double-lane packing machine is engineered to effortlessly handle pre-formed block-bottom bags, revolutionizing your packaging process. With its unique capability to simultaneously fill and seal two bags, the PACK 100 boasts an exceptional production capacity, reaching up to an impressive 80 bags per minute.

The PACK 100 stands as the ultimate choice for enterprises seeking high-speed production, ranging from 500g (80 bpm) to 2000g (45 bpm). Its versatility caters perfectly to businesses aspiring to elevate efficiency and streamline their packaging operations, all while maintaining uncompromised quality standards.

What sets the PACK 100 apart is its commitment to sustainability – an imperative aspect of modern packaging. Crafted to meet the highest sustainability benchmarks, this machine ensures your products are packaged securely while minimizing environmental impact.

Our user-centric approach is evident through the intuitive design and user-friendly interface, making operation seamless for individuals with varying technical expertise. Moreover, the PACK 100 boasts energy efficiency and low-maintenance attributes, translating to substantial cost savings in maintenance and energy expenditure. This cost-effectiveness allows you to channel resources towards business growth.  

Pack 100 - the ultimate sustainable packaging solution

For businesses in need of a robust, high-speed, and reliable packing machine that aligns with sustainability values, the PACK 100 emerges as the ultimate selection. Elevate your operations with a machine that encapsulates quality, adaptability, and efficiency, propelling your business towards unprecedented success.  

Pack 100 - the ultimate sustainable packaging solution

Want to know everything about the Pack 100? Download our brochure and discover how this machine can improve your building materials & chemicals packaging process!

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