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Posted on 20-9-2017, located in Hoofddorp, offers the possibility to design your own unique bottle. These personalized bottles are equipped with a full body sleeve. From now on, this sleeve is applied using our Accraply S-2000 shrink tunnel!

shrinksleeves on winebottlesSince a perfect end result is extremely important in this industry and a wide variety of bottles, sleeves, and prints need to be processed, they have approached many suppliers of sleeve equipment in the past months. After going through the preliminary phase, they walked into the kitchens of the selected suppliers with a variety of bottles and sleeves to extensively test the capabilities of the offered shrink tunnels. It quickly became apparent that the Accraply S-2000 offered by OPTI-PACK had no difficulty flawlessly processing the wide diversity of bottles with sleeves. With the desired end result achieved relatively easily, the choice for OPTI-PACK was quickly made.

The installation, including a steam boiler, has now been put into operation and production is in full swing at The line is modularly built so that in the near future, an applicator can be easily installed to automatically apply the sleeves onto the bottles.

The ACCRAPLY S-2000 tunnel utilizes a coaxial tube system and is constructed in 2 separate zones. Both zones contain 3 steam lances per side, all of which can be individually adjusted in terms of position and steam quantity, allowing for any bottle shape with any design sleeve to effortlessly achieve a beautiful appearance.

For more information about the Accraply S-2000 tunnel or other sleeve equipment, you can always reach us. Interested in your own unique bottle? Visit

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