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Shrink Sleeve Applicator Model VF 350


Graham + Sleevit


Transform your container labeling process with the Graham + Sleevit VF350 vertical feed shrink sleeve applicator by BW labeling, Unlock full creative freedom!

Graham + Sleevit VF350 High Speed sleeve applicatorStep into a new realm of container labeling with the BW Labeling Graham + Sleevit VF350 vertical feed shrink sleeve applicator. Whether it's cans, bottles, or uniquely shaped containers, the VF350 redefines labeling.

Key Highlights of Graham + Sleevit VF350:

  • Efficiency in Motion: Power through your labeling needs with the VF350, handling up to 350 containers per minute. A significant increase in productivity awaits.

  • Materials Unleashed: From PVC and PET to rPET, OPS, PLA, and eco-friendly hybrid materials, the VF350 adapts to diverse sleeve materials, delivering tailored labeling solutions.

  • Adaptability at its Core: Shape and material diversity (round, square, oval, glass, plastic, metal) pose no challenge for the VF350. It's designed to accommodate container diameters from 28 mm to 168 mm and heights up to 400 mm.

  • Precision in Changeovers: The VF350 boasts a patented fully-adjustable cutter assembly with disposable blades. Swiftly adapt from 30 mm to 170 mm diameter, minimizing changeover complexities.

Transform Your Labeling Experience with 360 Shrink Sleeves:

Captivate audiences with the power of 360 shrink sleeves. These innovative sleeves redefine visual impact by transforming your containers into canvases of creativity. Leave a lasting impression with full-body designs that encircle your products, making them stand out from the competition.

Embrace the Future of Labeling:

Embrace the possibilities of decorative sleeving, full-body designs, and innovative shrink sleeves. The VF350 ensures your labeling aspirations are met with precision and finesse.

Seize Innovation:

Elevate your labeling game with the Graham + Sleevit VF350. A fusion of efficiency, precision, and adaptability awaits, setting a new benchmark for container labeling.

Shrinksleeves on cans

Want to know everything about the Graham + Sleevit VF350 Shrinksleeve applicator? Download our brochure and discover how this sleeve applicator can improve your packaging process!


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