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Shrink Sleeve Applicator model VF 650


Graham I Sleevit


Introducing the BW Labeling VF650 Shrink Sleeve Applicator - Your Premium Solution for Advanced Labeling Needs!

Graham I Sleevit VF650 sleever

Experience the Graham + Sleevit VF650 Shrink Sleeve Applicator – your unrivaled solution for the dynamic and evolving shrink sleeve landscape. Whether you're sleeving cans, bottles or intricate containers, the VF650 is meticulously engineered to surpass expectations.

Empower Your Production with VF650 Precision

As the exclusive distributor of the Graham + Sleevit VF650, Opti-Pack introduces a heavyweight shrink sleeve label applicator designed for high-volume operations. Unveil a world of precision and efficiency through its cutting-edge design and user-friendly Smart HMI. Amid the multitude of options, the ACCRAPLY Graham + Sleevit VF650 stands out for its exceptional cost-effectiveness.

Speed and Precision in Harmony

What sets the VF650 apart is the seamless integration of advanced cutting carriage and high-precision servo motors. Witness flawless placement of shrink sleeves at remarkable speeds, reaching an impressive rate of up to 650 containers per minute. Versatility reigns supreme, as the VF650 accommodates various sleeve materials – PVC, rPET, PET/PETG, OPS, or PLA and hybrid materials – in thicknesses ranging from 40 to 70 microns. This comprehensive labeling solution adapts to a wide range of container shapes.

Beyond Excellence: Intuitive Design and Adaptability

Yet, the VF650's excellence extends beyond speed and versatility. The Graham + Sleevit VF650 features an intuitive color touch screen that automates machine and module speeds, minimizing downtime during "no-tools" product changeovers. Its patented fully-adjustable cutter assembly streamlines complexity, requiring only the product mandrel as a change part. This adaptability positions the VF650 as a pioneering labeling machine that grows with your needs.

Elevate Your Production with Opti-Pack

Elevate your high-volume production process and amplify profitability with the VF650 from BW Labeling, exclusively brought to you by Opti-Pack. Unleash the complete potential of heavy-duty shrink-sleeve labeling with a partner that intimately understands your industry.

Krimpsleeves op flessen

Want to know everything about the Graham + Sleevit VF650 shrinksleeve applicator? Download our brochure and discover how this sleeve applicator can improve your packaging process!

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