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Graham + Sleevit Full Body Shrink Sleeve Applicators: RF150 / RF250


Graham + Sleevit

RF150 / RF250

Transform the look of your product with Graham + Sleevit RF150 / RF250 shrink sleeve label applicators. These state-of-the-art label applicators offer a full body shrink sleeve label that will give your product an irresistible, eye-catching appearance.

Graham I Sleevit RF sleeve applicator

Transform the appearance of your product with the advanced Graham + Sleevit RF150 / RF250 shrink sleeve label applicators. Our label applicators are designed to create captivating full-body shrink-sleeve labels that enhance the visual appeal of your products.

Graham + Sleevit RF Sleeve Applicator: Innovating Packaging Solutions

Revolutionize your packaging process with the ACCRAPLY Graham | Sleevit RF150 / RF250 rotary-fed shrink sleeve label applicators. Our machines utilize a rotating arm mechanism to precisely apply full-body shrink sleeves to a diverse range of products, enabling them to stand out prominently on the shelf and giving you a competitive advantage.

With a production speed of up to 250 products per minute, you can manage higher volumes in less time, boosting your productivity and profitability. Our versatile machines handle various container shapes, sizes, and materials, ensuring seamless labeling. Whether you opt for pre-packaging or post-packaging labeling, our intuitive controls and programmable logic controller offer flexibility in tailoring your labeling process.

Versatility at Its Best: RF Model for Diverse Products

Our RF model accommodates oval, round, and square products made from plastic, glass, or metal. Additionally, our machines process a range of sleeving materials, including PET/PET-G, rPET, OPS, PLA, and eco-friendly hybrid materials. These materials come in thicknesses from 40 to 70 microns, both printed and unprinted. The RF model handles both empty and filled packaging.

Elevate Your Packaging with Graham + Sleevit RF150 and RF250

Discover the potential of your packaging with the Graham + Sleevit RF150 and RF250 machines. Contact us today to explore our innovative shrink sleeve equipment, and let us assist you in establishing or expanding your shrink sleeve production line.

Product Details 

  • Standard fully enclosed and locked housing 
  • Very user-friendly Smart-HMI interface with security levels
  • Easy format change with guidance from our Smart-HMI 
  • Maintenance program is indicated via Smart-HMI  
  • Very compact size
  • Simple interchangeable wear parts such as the guillotine blade 
  • Economical and interchangeable format changers
  • Can handle both empty and filled products
  • Handles all common sleeve materials
  • Suitable for a wide variety of product shapes

Shrinksleeves on jars

Want to know everything about the Graham I Sleevit RF sleeve applcator? Download our brochure and discover how this shrinksleeve applicator can improve your packaging process!

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