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Graham + Sleevit DF60 shrinksleeve applicator


Graham + Sleevit


Discover the BW Labeling GRAHAM + SLEEVIT DF60: the perfect entry-level machine for applying tamper-evident sleeves! This unique and ultra-compact design offers the most affordable solution on the market for your sleeve packaging needs.

Sleeve applicator DF60

Introducing the GRAHAM + SLEEVIT DF60 shrinksleeve applicator – a game-changing step-in model designed to elevate your sleeving process. Whether you're packaging cans, bottles or unique containers, the DF60 takes your tamper-evident sleeves to the next level.

Step up your sleeves process 

The core of the GRAHAM + SLEEVIT DF series lies in this entry-level model, which offers efficiency and unprecedented accuracy. Customize the machine to the specific needs of your project and produce shrink sleeve packaging of exceptional quality.

Innovation meets adaptability: unleash the power our DF60

Experience the freedom of customization with the GRAHAM + SLEEVIT DF60. Its step-in model empowers you to seamlessly incorporate additional features, such as conveyors, container handling, pitching devices, and shrink tunnels, creating a comprehensive and automated sleeving system tailored to your needs.

Efficiency redefined: step into the future of sleeving

Imagine a future where shrinksleeving is not just a process, but a strategic advantage. With the step-in model of the GRAHAM + SLEEVIT DF60, that future is here. It's not just a sleeve applicator; it's your ticket to a new era of packaging excellence.

Invest in Innovation with Opti-Pack

Elevate your packaging operations with the Model DF60, a step-in model that redefines what's possible. It's time to step into the future of shrink sleeve technology and achieve results that set new industry standards.


Want to know everything about the Graham I Sleevit DF60 Tamper Evident applicator? Download our brochure and discover how this applicator can improve your packaging process!

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