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Tamper-evident labeling



DF75 / DF100 / DF200 / DF300

Ready to take the safety and aesthetics of your products to the next level? The Graham + Sleevit DF Series is the solution for all your tamper-evident labeling needs!

Graham I Sleevit DF sleeve machineLooking to enhance the safety and aesthetics of your products? Discover the versatile Graham + Sleevit DF Series by BW Labeling. As a trusted name in tamper-evident and decorative labeling solutions, our customizable DF Series machines are designed to meet your production needs efficiently and precisely.

Tamper-Evident and Decorative Labelling Excellence

Our Graham + Sleevit line, powered by the BW Labeling brand, offers a range of advanced labeling machines – DF75, DF100, DF200, and DF300 – designed for seamless installation and low-maintenance operation. Whether you need tamper-evident labels for security or decorative sleeves for brand appeal, our machines deliver outstanding results.

Unmatched Versatility

The Graham + Sleevit series can accommodate a diverse range of containers, from cans and bottles to uniquely shaped items. With a production speed of up to 300 products per minute, our machines efficiently sleeve products ranging from 20mm to 195mm in diameter, with sleeve lengths spanning 20mm to 50mm.

Seamless Operation and Precise Placement

Our user-friendly HMI interface streamlines operation, while password-protected project recall boosts efficiency. The advanced servo film feed technology guarantees precise sleeve placement, always ensuring accurate labeling.

Advantages of Tamper-Evident and Decorative Labeling

Investing in tamper-evident labeling enhances product security and reinforces customer trust. Moreover, our machines can create stunning decorative sleeves, elevating your product's visual appeal. From security to branding, our labeling solutions cater to diverse market needs.

Customization and Adaptability

Opti-Pack's Graham + Sleevit line provides fully customizable solutions. Whether you require specific change parts, assemblies, or reel holders, our machines can be tailored to meet your exact needs.

Easy Installation and Conversion

Installing and setting up our machines is hassle-free, and they can be seamlessly converted for low-speed full-body applications. With fully enclosed and interlocked guarding as standard, safety remains a priority.

Choose Opti-Pack's Graham + Sleevit for Excellence

Elevate your product labeling with Opti-Pack's Graham + Sleevit DF Series. From tamper-evident security to decorative branding, our machines combine innovation, efficiency, and aesthetics. Join us in taking the first step towards hassle-free and exceptional labeling today.


  • Standard fully enclosed and interlocked guarding
  • User-friendly HMI interface with secure project recall
  • Customization options to match exact requirements
  • Interchangeable change parts and assemblies
  • Optional larger reel holders for easy reel change
  • Flexible sleeve length and application options
  • Effortless installation and setup
  • Conversion to apply low-speed full body applications


Want to know everything about the DF sleeve applicators? Download our brochure and discover how this shrinksleeve applicator can improve your packaging process!

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