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Label Accumulator Machines for shrinksleeve labels


Graham | Sleevit

Label Accumulator

Don't let production delays limit your packaging line's speed! Upgrade to Accraply's label accumulator machine and experience the benefits of uninterrupted production. Designed to easily integrate with your existing line. ,

A buffer system for sleevesWhen it comes to ensuring a seamless and efficient packaging process, the Opti-Pack label accumulator is your ultimate solution. Elevate your production line to new heights of speed and efficiency with this cutting-edge technology.

Uninterrupted Production: Redefining Your Packaging Line's Potential

Bid farewell to production delays and embrace uninterrupted performance with the label accumulator. Seamlessly integrating into your existing line, this machine is designed to keep your operations running at peak efficiency.

Maximize Your Output with Innovative Technology

Experience a transformation in production output with our specially designed accumulator. Say goodbye to costly downtime caused by roll changes – our solution empowers operators to perform roll changes on the fly, without halting the production line. Thanks to our dual roll holder and loading table, your production line stays in motion, ensuring increased productivity and reduced downtime.

Tailored Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency

Choose from material buffers of 50 meters or 100 meters, based on your production needs. Our built-in end-of-roll detection system provides you with added peace of mind, allowing for smooth transitions between rolls. Don't let roll changes slow down your progress – step into a new era of efficiency with Opti-Pack's Shrink Sleeve Tunnel.

Unlocking Advanced Features for a Competitive Edge

The accumulator system comes equipped with a range of features that redefine your production capabilities:

  • Designed to excel on high-speed lines, ensuring optimal performance
  • Engineered for nonstop production lines, eliminating delays
  • Empowers on-the-fly splicing, further enhancing efficiency
  • Offers material storage of either 50 or 100 meters, catering to diverse requirements

Invest in Efficiency: Opt for Opti-Pack


Want to know everything about the Graham I Sleevit Accumulator? Download our brochure and discover how this accumulator can improve your packaging process!

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