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Steam Tunnel for shrinksleeve labels


Graham + Sleevit

S2000 Steam Tunnel

The Graham + Sleevit S2000 steam tunnel is a product created by BW Labeling to meet the growing need for effective and reliable shrink sleeve packaging for products with intricate contours.

Steamtunnel for shrinksleeves

Introducing the Garahm + Sleevit ShrinkMaster S2000 Steam Tunnel, meticulously crafted in response to the surging demand for efficient and consistent shrink sleeve application on containers of intricate shapes. This game-changing steam tunnel is your ultimate production upgrade, promising uniform and precise shrink results that transform your packaging process.

Precision Shrink, Elevated Efficiency: The Opti-Pack Advantage

Designed by BW labeling with innovation at its core, the ShrinkMaster S2000 Steam Tunnel is engineered to revolutionize your production capabilities. No more compromising on shrink quality – say farewell to inconsistency and embrace a new era of uniform, efficient, and reliable shrink application.

Optimal Design for Varied Packaging Needs

Crafted with packaging lines in mind, the ShrinkMaster S2000 Steam Tunnel boasts a compact footprint and seamless installation, making it ideal for both high-speed and zoned applications. Tailored for containers with irregular shapes or pronounced waists, this steam tunnel guarantees a premium shrink finish, even on filled or cold containers.

Unveiling Unique Features for Unrivaled Performance

Distinguishing itself from the competition, the ShrinkMaster S2000 features 12 individually adjustable heating areas, thoughtfully divided into 2 zones to accommodate complex shapes effortlessly. Your control over the labeling process is unparalleled. It excels at shrinking PET sleeves to PET bottles, mastering even thinner sleeve materials with ease.

Uncompromising Performance, Enhanced Efficiency

The Graham + Sleevit shrinkMaster S2000 is designed with efficiency in mind. It incorporates systems for steam conservation and safety, boasting a heavily insulated tunnel structure and ingeniously designed coaxially piped shrinking nozzles that minimize condensation. Experience a premium shrunk finish, virtually dry shrinking, and minimized running costs.

Elevate Your Shrink Sleeving Process Today

Elevate your production capabilities with the Graham + Sleevit ShrinkMaster S2000 Steam Tunnel – an indispensable asset for every packaging line.

Highlighted Features of the ShrinkMaster S2000:

  • Superior shrink finish with filled or cold containers
  • Virtually dry shrinking for impeccable results
  • Fully insulated and preheated chassis
  • Innovative coaxially piped shrinking nozzles to reduce condensation
  • Low running costs (100 - 200 Kgs/Hr Max @ 3 Bar)
  • 12 heating areas split into 2 zones for intricate shapes
  • Simple manual adjustment at both ends for precise control
  • Comes complete with Stainless Steel Prepset & Extraction
  • Suitable for series use for higher speed applications


Shrinking with steam

Want to know everything about the Shrinkmaster S-2000? Download our brochure and discover how this steamtunnel can improve your packaging process!

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