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Radiant Heat Tunnel for shrink sleeve labels


Graham + Sleevit

Radiant Heat Tunnel

Introducing the Graham + Sleevit Radiant tunnel: Your path to effortless shrinking.

Radiant heattunnel

Introducing the Graham + Sleevit Radiant Heat Tunnel – an innovation designed to redefine your production line efficiency. Crafted with simplicity in mind, this tunnel offers effortless installations and the flexibility to expand with additional modules for heightened speed and multi-zoned applications, even after the initial setup.

Heat radiation in action: A breakthrough in shrinking

Experience ultimate performance with the Graham + Sleevit Radiant Tunnel. This solution takes the shrinking of your products to a new level, thanks to its double-walled insulated enclosure and meticulously polished inner surfaces. The result? Minimal heat loss and maximum heat transfer, ensuring consistently perfect packaging every time.

Unmatched flexibility:

Your ultimate shrink packaging solution The Graham + Sleevit Heat Radiation Tunnel changes the game for your packaging needs. Place it at the entry of the system for preheating packages or after the labeling process for the ideal finish. With twelve precisely controlled glass radiant heating elements, this tunnel ensures impeccable shrinking and finishing, while an external temperature controller accurately regulates the internal temperature.

Seamless Efficiency and User-Friendly Design

Discover a host of optional features designed to enhance your experience. From preventing product falls with a smart counting system to effortless tunnel adjustments with the motorized lift, every detail is tailored for user-friendly efficiency. With a remarkable capacity to handle containers of varying heights (50 mm to 300 mm) and diameters (20 mm to 150 mm), this tunnel is a true asset to any packaging line.

Unveiling the Opti-Pack Advantage: Key Features

  • Individually controlled radiant heating elements for precise shrink-wrapping
  • Polished interior surfaces for maximum heat reflection
  • Modular design, ensuring adaptability and expansion
  • Double-skin insulated stainless steel construction for optimal heat retention
  • Dual-purpose functionality for preheating and post-application
  • Seamlessly integrates over existing conveyors
  • Fully controlled internal environment for efficient operations


Elevate your shrink sleeve experience with the Graham + Sleevit Radiant Heat Tunnel. Invest today in a solution that combines efficiency, innovation, and versatility to redefine your packaging operations.

shrinksleeves OPTI-PACK

Want to know everything about the Radiant shrinktunnel? Download our brochure and discover how this shrinktunnel can improve your packaging process!

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