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Graham + Sleevit ShrinkMaster Lite Heat Tunnel


Graham + Sleevit

ShrinkMaster Lite Heat Tunnel

The Graham + Sleevit DF 60 Sleeve applicator led to the development of the ShrinkMaster Lite shrink tunnel, a fully adjustable and insulated shrink tunnel that is capable of shrinking any container that can be handled by the DF60 applicator.

Hot air tunnel for tamper evident sleevesAdvances in packaging have resulted in the development of the Graham + Sleevit ShrinkMaster Lite Heat Tunnel, highlighting innovation and efficiency.

Introducing the Graham + Sleevit ShrinkMaster Lite: Your best packaging solution

Meet the Graham + Sleevit ShrinkMaster Lite, the key to making your packaging process smooth and efficient. Designed to match the quality and excellence of the Graham + Sleevit DF60 applicator, this adaptable heat tunnel can fit BW Labeling or customer conveyors with adjustable width. Boost your packaging efficiency by adjusting the tunnel's height and angle to suit your container and sleeve positions. You can even mount it on a flexible, adjustable base for unmatched versatility.

Crafted for Performance, Designed for Safety

Constructed from robust stainless steel, the Graham + Sleevit ShrinkMaster Lite boasts interior insulation and exterior stainless steel mesh for operator safety. Waste hot air is extracted through an exhaust duct atop the body, minimizing heat loss, reducing heat-up times, and maintaining ambient temperatures. Experience the assurance of perfectly shrink-wrapped products, poised for the market.

Versatile and Reliable for Diverse Containers

The ShrinkMaster Lite accommodates containers ranging from heights of 50 mm to 300 mm and diameters spanning 20 mm to 150 mm, adding versatility to your packaging line. With a power supply requirement of 415 VAC, 3 Phase, 26 Amps, this tunnel is your catalyst for packaging excellence.


Unlock a host of benefits with the Graham + Sleevit ShrinkMaster Lite:

  • Ideal for Low to Medium-speed tamper-evident applications
  • Directional hot air shrinking up to 7.5 Kw
  • Insulated and safeguarded chassis
  • Fully adjustable fan tail shrink nozzles
  • Low running cost (maximum 13 amps per phase)
  • Adjustable air flow and temperature
  • Simple screw adjustment for height
  • Supplied complete with fused disconnect box
  • Scalable for high-speed or complex applications when used in series


Tamper evident shrinksleeves

Want to know everything about the Shrinkmaster Lite? Download our brochure and discover how this shrinktunnel can improve your packaging process!


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