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The Harland 'Neptune' is a cutting-edge, motion-controlled, pressure-sensitive labeling machine designed for wet production lines. Robust, user-friendly, and built to withstand challenging environments, the Neptune is the pinnacle of efficiency in labeling machinery.

Labeling machine Harland Neptune

Excelling in demanding conditions

Unleash the potential of the Harland Neptune labeler — a powerhouse meticulously engineered to thrive in even the most challenging production environments. Ordinary machines falter in humid conditions, but the Neptune rises above with its exceptional performance and reliability. This groundbreaking machine is your solution for reliable labeling, even in high-humidity settings.

Built to endure

Crafted with durability in mind, the Harland Neptune boasts a stainless steel build that resists rust and corrosion. Every component, down to the smallest detail, is designed to withstand water and dust, ensuring the machine's longevity and protecting your investment.

Customizable Solutions

Choose the Harland Neptune in either 2-station or 4-station models, tailored to your specific business requirements. With options like Comet IP65/NEMA 4X label heads, stabilizers, and conveyors, you have the flexibility to create a labeling solution that suits your needs perfectly.

Elevate Your Production Line

Elevate your production line with the Harland Neptune labeler — a symbol of excellence in pressure-sensitive labeling machinery. Its waterproof technology and stainless steel construction make it an ideal choice for high-humidity environments. This machine empowers your production line and ensures reliability even in the face of water exposure.

Partner for success

Make the BW Labeling - Harland Neptune your partner for success. Contact us today to revolutionize your manufacturing process with a labeling machine that thrives in challenging conditions.

Labeling caps

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