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Harland Titan High Speed Labeler




Titan is a revolutionary new labeling system designed for producers of Global Brands.

Harland labeling machine Titan

Opti-Pack proudly presents the 'Titan' labeling system, a groundbreaking solution tailored to meet the demands of global brands. As a leader in the industry, 'Titan' stands as a testament to innovation, offering a high-speed, heavy-duty, pressure-sensitive labeling system that excels in applying front and back labels to glass and plastic bottles or containers of various kinds.

Key Features of the Harland Titan Labeling System:

  1. High-Speed Precision Labeling: Experience unparalleled labeling speed and accuracy with the 'Titan.' This robust labeling system boasts a four-station linear design that seamlessly applies labels to both the front and back of glass and plastic bottles or containers. Achieving remarkable speeds of up to 450 ppm, thanks to servo-driven technology, the Harland Titan ensures efficient high-volume labeling within tight timeframes. Moreover, its four applicators eliminate label switching downtime during the process.

  2. Versatility and Adaptability: The Harland Titan redefines flexibility in labeling solutions. With its adjustable design, it accommodates various label and packaging types effortlessly. This adaptability makes it a versatile choice for diverse products across a wide spectrum of industries. The Titan excels in providing solutions that suit brands' unique needs and packaging preferences.

  3. Efficient Changeover and Maintenance: Swift product changeovers are made seamless by retractable labeling heads, minimizing line downtime. The color-coded changepart scrolls further enhance this process. The system's heavy-duty linear modular construction ensures reduced maintenance and changeover costs, contributing to ease of repairs and servicing.

  4. Advanced Control System: The Harland Titan incorporates an intuitive single-touchscreen user interface, elevating user diagnostics to unprecedented levels. Its unique software streamlines setup times during product changeovers, self-monitoring for optimal reliability, and operational efficiency.

  5. Precision Label Application: The innovative wipedown module ensures precise label adhesion to even the most irregularly-shaped containers and bottles. For complex shapes, optional product handling pucks are available to guarantee accurate presentation.

  6. Integrated Inspection and Verification: The Titan system includes fully integrated inspection/vision systems, which provide label verification and presence detection, alignment accuracy, barcode reading, evaluation, and verification.

With a focus on pressure-sensitive labeling, labelling machinery, and heavy-duty machinery, Harland's 'Titan' labeling system redefines efficiency, adaptability, and precision in packaging solutions. Discover the future of labeling technology with the Harland Titan.

Labeling sauce bottles

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