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Harland Sirius VRS Labeling System



Sirius VRS

Introducing the Harland Sirius VRS Labelling System - the cost-effective and accurate solution for fast and reliable product labelling.

Labelling system Harland Sirius VRS

Looking for a high-speed and cost-effective labelling machine that excels in handling a diverse range of products? Your search ends with the ACCRAPLY Harland Sirius VRS Labelling System.

Experience efficiency with Harland Sirius vRS labelling system

The Harland Sirius VRS Labelling System introduces a cost-effective and precise solution for swift and dependable product labelling. This state-of-the-art labelling machinery is equipped to efficiently handle various products, from flour and washing powder to sugar, grains, salt, and baking soda.

Key features of the Harland Sirius VRS labelling system

  • Quick-Change Mandrel System: Set up the machine effortlessly, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity.
  • Wraparound System with Vertical Roller Stabilizer: Accommodates a wide array of containers and maintains stability for even the most delicate products.
  • Three-Point Product Contact: The Sirius VRS ensures precise label application through its two vertical rollers and wide belt wraparound design.
  • Impressive Production Rate: With a capacity of up to 300 products per minute, this labelling machine is ideal for various industries, including cosmetics, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, and beverages.

Elevate efficiency and reduce costs

The Harland Sirius VRS Labelling System is not just a high-performance asset; it's also a cost-effective choice that optimizes your production process and streamlines your machinery needs. Make a wise investment by choosing the Harland Sirius VRS for seamless and efficient labelling operations.

Technical specifications

  • Production Rates: Up to 300 products per minute (varies by product and label sizes)
  • Electrical Requirements: 20V/240 V Single Phase AC, 50/60 Hz (special options available)
  • Air Requirements: Air required for select overprinters and security systems
  • Weight: 705.5lbs [320 kg]
  • Product Capacity: Height: 1.57" [40 mm], Width: 0.94" [24 mm] to 2.75" [70 mm]
  • Label Capacity: Web Width: 0.51" [13 mm] to 6.1" [155 mm], Label Length: 0.39" [10 mm] to 12.99" [330 mm]
  • Reel Capacity: Max Reel O.D.: 15.75" [400 mm], Nominal Reel I.D.: 3" [76 mm]

Unlock efficiency with the Harland Sirius VRS labelling system

The Harland Sirius VRS Labelling System is your partner for achieving efficient, precise, and cost-effective labelling. Experience superior product labelling that meets the demands of various industries, all with the reliability and innovation you expect from Harland.

Labelling bottles

Want to know everything about the Sirius VRS? Download our brochure and discover how this labeler can improve your packaging process!


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