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Harland Mercury High Speed Labeler



Mercury High Speed Labeler

Searching for a cutting-edge labelling solution that guarantees high speed and seamless production? Your search ends here with our industry-leading Harland Mercury linear labeller.

Harland Mercury High Speed Labeler

Efficiency and flexibility combined

Our state-of-the-art labelling solution is meticulously engineered for utmost flexibility, making it the ultimate choice for affixing pressure-sensitive front and back labels to glass or plastic containers of any shape—even in water-prone settings. With an impressive speed of up to 250 ppm, this machine empowers you to efficiently match the demands of even the most high-paced production lines.

Uninterrupted flow, unmatched efficiency

Featuring a versatile four-applicator setup, our labeller offers zero-downtime auto-change capability, ensuring seamless production flow and complete peace of mind, even in challenging environments.

Adaptable design for plastic containers

The Harland Mercury linear labeller is designed to apply front and back labels to plastic containers, offering unparalleled adaptability. Whether you require labelling solutions for plastic bottles, containers, or both, the Harland Mercury seamlessly complements our range of labelling systems, positioned between the established 'Sirius' model and the ultra-high-speed 'Titan'.

Discover the Key Features of the Harland Mercury high-speed labeller

  • Effortless Changeover: Retractable labelling heads facilitate swift and seamless product changeover, minimizing line downtime. Color-coded changepart scrolls further enhance efficiency.
  • Sturdy Modular Construction: The sturdy modular design reduces maintenance and changeover expenses, making integration into existing production lines effortless.
  • Advanced Control System: The advanced control system features a single touch-screen user interface, providing extensive user diagnostics.
  • Precision Label Application: An innovative wipedown module ensures labels are expertly smoothed to match the contours of irregularly-shaped containers.
  • Comprehensive Inspection/Vision Systems: Fully integrated inspection/vision systems offer comprehensive label verification, presence detection, position and alignment accuracy, barcode reading, evaluation, and verification.

Elevate your production line with the Harland Mercury high-speed labeller

Whether you're in need of water-resistant labelling machinery or a complete labelling solution, the Harland Mercury High-Speed Labeller sets a new industry standard.

Invest in efficiency today

Invest in the Harland Mercury linear labeller today and revolutionize your production process with cutting-edge labelling technology.

Labeling with Harland

Want to know everything about the Harland Mercury High Speed labeler? Download our brochure and discover how this labeler can improve your packaging process!


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