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Manual Twist Tie closing machine



Models 104TW-160TW

Elevate your packaging efficiency with the Models 104TW-160TW by COMIPAK. Designed to apply plastic or paper wire twistbands—known as fresh-savers—to pre-filled food bags or technical items needing secure fastening.

Twistband closing machine

Twist-Tie packaging machine: Streamlined and simple

Our user-friendly Models 104TW-160TW manual Twist-Tie packaging machines redefine convenience. Smoothly guide your products through the machine passage, effortlessly managed by your team. Powered by micro pneumatic technology, these twist-tie machines blend a sleek design with error-free precision, ensuring your packaging process remains seamless.

Versatility across industries

Industries spanning pasta, bakery, confectionery, dairy, sweets, vegetables, and fruits vouch for the versatility of our machines. Seal and safeguard a diverse range of both food and non-food products with remarkable ease.

Complete solution for Your packaging needs

Beyond the Models 104TW-160TW packaging machines, our offerings extend to essential materials. Our premium plastic wire twistbands not only ensure seamless packaging but also contribute to a sustainable approach. Rely on us as your one-stop solution for packaging excellence.


Want to know everything about the Model 104TW? Download our brochure and discover how this Twist-Tie machine can improve your packaging process!

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