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Model 160TW-V



Model 160TW-V

Discover the power of the Model 160TW-V, a versatile twist-tie machine. It's similar to its predecessor, like the 160TW, the Model 160TW-V offers exceptional capabilities with a distinct enhancement.

Twis Tie machine manually

Enhanced design for effortless convenience

The spotlight shines on the Model 160TW-V's unique feature: a vertically positioned clip section. This strategic tweak elevates convenience, allowing products to effortlessly navigate the closing process. Opti-Pack's commitment to improving your packaging experience is evident in every detail.

Dependable performance, simplified operation

Just like its sibling, the 160TW, the Model 160TW-V boasts robustness and reliability. Its minimalist design ensures seamless operation, guaranteeing consistent bag closure. Designed for easy integration into your workspace, this machine welcomes operators of all skill levels, showcasing its user-friendly nature.

Unleash efficiency with precision

Capable of a twist length of 160 mm and accommodating bag neck diameters of up to 40 mm, the pneumatic Model 160TW-V emerges as a powerhouse, sealing bags of diverse products at a remarkable rate of 30 packages per minute. From pasta and bread to dairy products and fruits, elevate your packaging game with the precision of the Model 160TW-V.

A comprehensive solution, beyond the machine

Opti-Pack goes beyond providing the Model 160TW-V. We understand that a seamless packaging experience involves both machinery and materials. Our range includes plastic and paper wire twist-tie bands, completing the circle of convenience for your packaging needs.

Want to know everything about the 160TW -V? Download our brochure and discover how this Twist-Tie machine can improve your packaging process!

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