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Twist Tie machine



Model A104LH

Discover the A104LH Twist Tie Machine - designed to seamlessly integrate with automatic packaging systems. This advanced machine, developed by Comipak, enhances the packaging process, especially when paired with horizontal form, fill, and seal machines.

Twist tie machine buit-in

Efficiency at its Best: Built-In Twist Tie Machine

With pneumatic precision and a generous twist length of 100mm, the A104LH accommodates bags ranging from 80 x 50mm to 250 x 200mm. Experience high-speed operation, reaching up to 42 packages per minute. Seamlessly controlled via the packaging machine's PLC, this twist-tie machine is both user-friendly and fully integrated.

Versatile Performance: Applications and Benefits

Ideal for a wide array of products such as pasta, bread, dairy, candies, fruits, and vegetables, the A104LH Twist Tie Machine elevates your packaging game. Its capacity to flawlessly integrate into your existing packaging line enhances overall efficiency.

Sustainable Solutions: Match with Quality Twistbands

As part of our one-stop solution, Comipak offers not only the A104-LH packaging machine but also a range of essential packaging materials. Choose from our high-quality plastic or environmentally-conscious kraft paper twistbands. Elevate your packaging process while contributing to sustainability.

Upgrade Your Packaging Line Today

Ready to revolutionize your packaging process? Download our comprehensive brochure today to explore the capabilities of the A104LH Twist Tie Machine. Experience the convenience of in-line twist-tie closing and embrace efficiency like never before.

Twist-Tie machine build in


Want to know everything about the Model A104-LH? Download our brochure and discover how this twist-tie machine can improve your packaging process!

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