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Model TW250SM



Model TW250SM

Uncover the power of the TW250SM twist machine – your gateway to seamless integration within automatic packaging systems. Crafted by the industry leader Comipak, this remarkable twist machine is the ultimate solution for vertical form, fill, and seal machines.

Intergrate twist tie closing machine Efficient Integration: Designed with precision and finesse, the TW250SM twist machine operates pneumatically, effortlessly handling clip lengths up to 100mm. Its versatility shines through, accommodating diverse product sizes starting from a compact 80 x 50mm. Experience a swift packaging rhythm of up to 30 packages per minute, all orchestrated via the packaging machine's PLC. Seamlessly unite this twist machine with your packaging line for optimized performance.

Versatile Application: Elevate your packaging endeavors across various sectors – from pasta and bread to dairy products and vegetables. The TW250SM caters to an array of products, promising a reliable and efficient twist tie closure that maintains product freshness.

A Sustainable Twist: We understand the significance of environmentally conscious packaging. That's why our TW250SM aligns perfectly with your values. Choose between our premium plastic twistbands or opt for sustainable kraft paper alternatives. Enjoy a packaging experience that's both efficient and eco-friendly.

Upgrade your packaging game with the TW250SM twist machine – a symbol of innovation, reliability, and sustainable packaging solutions.

Twist Tie machine integrated


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