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Twistband closing machine



Model A104TW

The Comipak A104TW Twist Closure Machine is a modern and versatile solution designed to seamlessly integrate with both horizontal and vertical filling and sealing machines. This machine initiates its cycle with a photocell-based detection system, enhancing precision in product placement.

Comipak A 104 TW twist tie machine

Key Features:

  • Versatile application: Suitable for both horizontal and vertical filling and sealing machines.
  • Precision detection: Equipped with a photocell for accurate positioning.
  • Optimal placement: Incorporates a tilting mechanism for precise product alignment.

Operating with an electro-pneumatic system, the A104TW handles twist bands up to 100mm in length. Its impressive capabilities extend to sealing bags ranging from 180 x 80 x 50mm to 500 x 250 x 200mm. With a remarkable speed of 42 packages per minute, it ensures a seamless and efficient packaging process.

Enhanced packaging possibilities: This powerful machine facilitates the secure sealing of various products, including pasta, bread, pastries, dairy items, confectionery, vegetables, and fruits. Elevate your packaging standards with the dependable A104TW Twist Closure Machine.

Complete solution: In addition to providing the Model A104TW packaging machine, we offer essential materials for a comprehensive packaging experience. This includes a range of plastic or kraft paper wire twistbands, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

Explore the potential of the Comipak A104TW Twist Closure Machine and revolutionize your packaging operations. Contact us to harness the benefits of this advanced solution and enhance your packaging prowess.

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