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Twist Tie and sealing machine



Model A104TS

The Model A104TS by COMIPAK offers a seamless and efficient solution for sealing and twisting your products. This advanced twist-tie and sealing machine streamlines your packaging process, ensuring both freshness and convenience.

Twist-Tie and sealing machine

Seal and Twist with precision Our twist and seal machine, equipped with a precise photocell detection system, initiates the twist-tie and sealing process automatically after manual product insertion. The outcome? Tightly sealed bags that preserve your products' freshness for extended periods. The twist band not only ensures secure sealing but also provides effortless resealing functionality.

Technical excellence

Featuring a twist length of 100mm and an electro-pneumatic operation, the A104TS excels in sealing bags within a size range of 80 x 50 x 180mm to 250 x 200 x 450mm. With a remarkable speed of 20 packages per minute, this machine guarantees efficient and consistent results.

Versatile applications

The A104TS is your versatile packaging companion. From pasta and bread to dairy products, candy, vegetables, and fruits, it accommodates a wide spectrum of products. Its adaptability and precision simplify your packaging process while maintaining the quality of your goods.

Complete packaging solution

At Opti-Pack, we not only offer the Model A104TS but also provide the essential materials for a seamless packaging experience. Our selection includes sustainable twist tie materials and plastic wire twistbands that perfectly complement the machine's capabilities.

Enhance your packaging process with the Model A104TS and its efficient twist-tie and sealing functionality. Experience the convenience of reliable packaging while utilizing sustainable materials.


Twist Tie material on reels

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