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COMIPAK Model A104TWH & A104TWHTT: Precision Twist Machines for Efficient Packaging



Model A104TWH & A104TWHTT

Discover the versatility of the A104TWH and A104TWHTT Twist Machines - the ultimate solution for your horizontal packaging needs. Equipped with advanced detection technology, the twist process is flawlessly initiated through a precision photoelectric sensor.

Twist Tie packing machine

Precision twist process with A104TWH and A104TWHTT machines

Unlock the potential of the A104TWH and A104TWHTT Twist-Tie Machines, designed to offer a 100 mm twist length and powered by efficient electro-pneumatic mechanisms. From delicate pastries to robust fruits and vegetables, these machines cater to diverse product types.

Elevate efficiency with 40-55 packages per minute

Boost your packaging process's efficiency with a remarkable capacity of 40-55 packages per minute. The A104TWH and A104TWHTT Twist Machines streamline your operations, ensuring precise sealing to safeguard your valuable products.

Reliable partners for sealing and protection

Rely on the precision and care of the A104TWH and A104TWHTT Twist Machines to expertly seal and protect your products. These machines are crafted to uphold the quality of your packaging.

A104-TWH and A104-TW-HTT: Your comprehensive packaging solution

Explore our range of packaging solutions beyond the A104-TW and A104-TW-HTT twist sealing machines. Partner the A104-TWH with our top-tier plastic or eco-friendly kraft paper twistbands for an efficient, seamless packaging experience.

Your ideal partners for perfect twists

Choose the A104TWH and A104TWHTT Twist Machines for a hassle-free, efficient packaging process that ensures a perfect twist every time.

Twist Tie cables

Want to know everything about the Model A104TW-H or A104TW-HTT? Download our brochure and discover how this twist-ties machine can improve your packaging process!

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