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Model A104IND




The Model A104IND stands as a testament to efficiency and innovation in the packaging industry. As part of our commitment to providing top-tier solutions, this machine is adept at applying a plastic wire "twistband," offering a fresh-saver approach to pre-filled food bags.

Twist Tie closing machine

Automated convenience or manual control

The versatility of the A104IND extends to its operation. Whether you prefer a seamless automated process or hands-on manual control, the machine adapts effortlessly. Triggered by a responsive photocell system, its activation is smooth and precise. Additionally, the design's foresight ensures optimal use at a preset angle, rendering it ideal for horizontal packaging needs.

Perfect for fragile contents

Embracing sensitivity and fragility, the A104IND emerges as a reliable choice for safeguarding delicate products. Industries spanning pasta, bakery, confectionery, dairy, sweets, vegetables, and fruits harness its capabilities to seal and preserve an array of food offerings.

Complete solution: Machine and materials

As Opti-Pack, we go beyond delivering the A104IND packaging machine. Our commitment extends to offering an assortment of essential packaging materials. Enhance your packaging journey by pairing the A104IND with our superior-quality plastic or environmentally-conscious kraft paper twistbands. This synergy results in a packaging experience that's not only efficient but also environmentally responsible.


Twist Tie machine Model A104-IND


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