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Twist-Tie material



Twist-Tie Material

As the exclusive distributor of the Spanish brand Irostel, we have been supplying clip and twist bands to our customers throughout the Benelux region for many years. With our extensive experience, we understand the importance of using high-quality clip and twist bands.

Twist-Tie material on reels

Securing with Style: Twist-Tie Material on Reels

Twist-tie material, available in reels, is a versatile packaging solution used to seal a variety of bags, including those holding bread, produce, and various food items. Comprising a slender, pliable metal wire enveloped in a plastic or paper coating, twist-ties are renowned for their secure closures.

Unveiling the versatility of Twist-Tie packaging material:

  • Closure mechanism: Twist-ties provide a simple yet effective sealing mechanism. By twisting the wire, you create a safeguard that protects contents from air, moisture, and potential contaminants, ensuring freshness.

  • Flexibility at your fingertips: Crafted from steel or aluminum, the internal metal wire ensures flexibility, enabling easy manipulation and resealing. Adjust the tightness as needed while maintaining product integrity.

  • Coating options: A plastic or paper coating envelops the wire, delivering insulation, rust protection, enhanced grip during twisting, and safeguarding packaged items from direct contact with the wire.

  • Versatility in various sectors: Twist-tie material finds its purpose across industries—food, agriculture, retail, and beyond. Seal bags of bread, fruits, vegetables, candies, snacks, and more, or employ twist-ties for efficient cable bundling.

  • Embracing reusability: An environmentally conscious choice, twist-ties can be effortlessly untwisted and resealed. This flexibility surpasses alternatives like plastic clips, contributing to sustainable packaging practices.

Customization that counts: Your Twist-Tie ssentials Choose from an array of wire diameters, band widths, and coil lengths, catering to your specific requirements. Tailor your packaging solutions with custom strips and a palette of vibrant colors. IROSTEL delivers compatibility with standard packing machines and caters to industries ranging from food to farming.

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