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Model GPV40SM - GPV50SM



Model GPV40SM & GPV50SM

Introducing the GPV40SM and GPV50SM clip systems, designed for integration into automatic packaging machines.

Clip closing built in

Integrated Clip Closing for Seamless Packaging
The GPV40SM and GPV50SM clip systems redefine packaging efficiency, offering integration into automatic packaging machines. Controlled by the programmable logic controller (PLC) of your packaging machine, these systems provide clip closing built directly into your workflow. Particularly suitable for vertical form-fill-seal machines, these clip systems enhance your production process.

Versatile Bag Closure Solutions
With adjustable clip lengths spanning 40mm to 48mm, these pneumatically operated machines accommodate various bag sizes and products. From pasta, bread, and pastries to dairy, candy, vegetables, fruits, and even toys, these systems ensure secure closures. Designed to handle bags as small as 80 x 50 x ∞ mm, there's no upper limit on bag size.

Reliable Performance, Efficient Output
Packaging at a rate of 30 packages per minute, the GPV40SM and GPV50SM clip systems deliver both reliability and efficiency. Elevate your automatic packaging with seamless clip closure integration, ensuring a smooth packaging process from start to finish.

Explore Clip Closing Options
Discover a comprehensive solution with the GPV40-SM clip-closing machines. Alongside our models, we offer an array of packaging materials, including high-quality plastic-coated closures, sustainable biodegradable options, and paper clip closures. Elevate your packaging experience with our versatile range of options.

Unlock the Potential of In-Line Clip Closing

 clip closing options


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