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Clip closing machine Model A408LHM - A480LHM



Model A408LHM & A480LHM

Looking to enhance your automatic packaging machines with high-speed horizontal clipping systems? Discover the efficiency of our A408LHM and A480LHM models within our range.

Build In clipmachinesIntegrated clip machines for seamless packaging integration

Introducing the A408LHM and A480LHM models—exceptional clip machines seamlessly integrated into your existing packaging system. These advanced machines are controlled via the PLC (programmable logic controller) of your packaging setup.

Optimized for speed and versatility

Designed for use with fast horizontal form-fill-seal machines, the A408LHM and A480LHM boast pneumatic operation and a clip length range of 40-48mm. Versatility shines with a bag size range from 80 x 50 x ∞ mm to 250 x 200 x ∞ mm, catering to diverse packaging requirements.

Unmatched speed for High-Volume production

Experience unmatched speed with the A408LHM and A480LHM, capable of closing up to 75 packages per minute. Ideal for high-volume production environments, these models seal bags of pasta, bread, pastries, dairy, candy, produce, toys, and more.

Elevate your packaging process

Upgrade your packaging process with the dependable and efficient A408LHM and A480LHM clip machines. Revolutionize your approach to sealing bags while ensuring consistent quality and speed.

Comprehensive solution: GPV40-IND clip-closing machines

Our offerings extend beyond the A408LHM and A480LHM. Explore our GPV40-IND clip-closing machines, crafted to provide a holistic solution. These machines perfectly align with our range of plastic-coated, biodegradable, and paper clip closures.

Efficiency meets sustainability

Enhance your packaging experience with the GPV40-IND and our eco-friendly clip closure solutions. Choose from plastic-coated, biodegradable, and paper clip closures, achieving both efficiency and sustainability.

Comipak clip machine inbouw

Want to know everything about the Comipak A408-LHM? Download our brochure and discover how this clipclosing machine can improve your packaging process!

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