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Model M408PL



Model M408PL

At Opti-Pack, we proudly present the Comi Pak Model M408PL, a manual electric clipping machine designed to elevate the preservation and freshness. Whether you deal with pasta, bakery items, dairy, sweets, fruits, or even toys, our specialized machine is tailored to your needs.

Manual clip closing machinePreservation perfected: Manual clip closing machine

The Model M408PL stands as a testament to innovation in manual electric clipping. By utilizing a plastic "clipband" for freshness or an aluminum band as a "warranty-seal," our machine ensures the contents of your bags remain in prime condition. The hands-on manual infeed process empowers operators to seamlessly guide bags through the machine's passage. Activated by micro mechanics, the start cycle guarantees a smooth and efficient operation, setting the stage for reliability.

User-Friendly efficiency for your business

Navigating the world of packaging becomes effortless with the manual electric clipping machines from Comi Pak. Ideal for small to medium-sized food production facilities, these machines are engineered for user-friendliness. They serve as a cost-effective solution to seal bags and maintain the freshness of a diverse array of products.

Unveiling Your packaging potential

Unlock the full potential of the Model M408PL by pairing it with our premium plastic-coated closure systems. Alternatively, choose from our sustainable options, including biodegradable and paper clip closures. This marriage of cutting-edge technology and conscientious materials ensures a seamless and efficient packaging experience.

Discover innovation with Opti-Pack

Embrace the keywords that drive our excellence: clipmachine, clip closure, manual clip closure, low cost, and more. At Opti-Pack, we're dedicated to not only meeting your needs but exceeding your expectations.

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