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Manual Clip closing machines

Introducing Comi Pak's line of manual clipping machines - the perfect starting point for businesses requiring fast and efficient packaging at an affordable price.



Model 408PL

Introducing the COMIPAK Model 408PL, a powerful clip machine that closely mirrors its patented electric counterpart, the M408PL. This versatile machine is your go-to solution for manually sealing bags with clip closures featuring wire thickness options of 0.6 mm, 0.7 mm, or 0.8 mm.

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Model M408PL

At Opti-Pack, we proudly present the Comi Pak Model M408PL, a manual electric clipping machine designed to elevate the preservation and freshness. Whether you deal with pasta, bakery items, dairy, sweets, fruits, or even toys, our specialized machine is tailored to your needs.

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