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Clip Closing machine Model GPV40IND - GPV50IND




Introducing the innovative GPV40IND - GPV50IND clip machine, a remarkable solution designed to enhance your packaging process. This automatic clip closure machine, produced by Comipak, offers exceptional versatility and efficiency, making it a perfect fit for delicate and fragile products.

Clipclosing machineryEffortless packaging with precision clip closing technology

With its advanced electro-pneumatic operation, the GPV40IND - GPV50IND clip machine ensures precision clip closure for a wide range of products. Featuring an adjustable angle, this clipper harmoniously integrates with horizontal packaging machines, offering seamless compatibility.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Clip Length: 40-48mm
  • Bag Size Range: 80 x 50 x 80mm to 240 x 150 x 450mm
  • Capacity: Up to 35 packages per minute

Elevate Your Packaging Game

Are you seeking an efficient packaging solution that guarantees product integrity? Look no further. Our clip machine is ideal for packaging various items, including pasta, bread, pastry, dairy, and candy. Its adjustable clip length accommodates different package sizes, ensuring a secure and professional closure every time.

Seamless Integration with Opti-Pack Quality

At Opti-Pack, we're committed to offering a comprehensive solution for your packaging needs. Our collaboration with Comipak brings you not only the top-tier GPV40IND - GPV50IND clip machine but also a range of premium packaging materials. Choose from our high-quality plastic-coated closures, sustainable biodegradable options, or paper clip closures. Experience packaging excellence in every detail.

Your choice, Your confidence

Elevate your packaging operations with the power of the GPV40IND - GPV50IND clip machine. Experience automated precision, adaptability, and reliability, all backed by Opti-Pack's dedication to quality. Discover the perfect clip closure solution for your delicate products.

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Want to know everything about the Comipak GPV40-IND? Download our brochure and discover how this clip closing machine can improve your packaging process!

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