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Clip closing machine Model A480PLH - A480PLHTT



Model A480PLH & A480PLHTT

Discover the innovation of the A480PLH and A480PLHTT clip machines, meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with horizontal packaging systems. These versatile machines initiate the clip closure process automatically, utilizing advanced photocell detection technology.

Clip closing machine Model A480PLHEfficient clip closing with Model A480PLH

Equipped with an electro-pneumatic system, the A480PLH and A480PLHTT clip machines feature a standard clip length of 48mm. Their adaptable design allows them to accommodate an extensive range of bag dimensions, starting from a minimum of 180 x 50 x 80mm and extending infinitely to a maximum of 450 x 220mm. Achieving an impressive capacity of 40-55 packages per minute, these clip machines excel at sealing various products such as pasta, bread, pastry, dairy, and candy. Experience the convenience and reliability of clip closures that keep your products fresh and secure.

Comprehensive solutions for Your needs 

At Opti-Pack, we don't stop at delivering cutting-edge clip machines. We offer a complete solution by providing essential clip closure materials. Our range includes top-quality plastic wire clipbands, designed to complement the performance of the A480PLH and A480PLHTT machines.

Upgrade your packaging game with the precision and reliability of COMIPAK's A480PLH and A480PLHTT clip machines. Experience the benefits of automated clip closures that enhance both your product's freshness and overall security.

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