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Clip Closing machine Model A480PL; A480PLM



A480PL - A480PLM

Looking for a reliable solution to maintain the freshness and security of your products? Look no further than the COMIPAK A480PLH and A480PLHTT clip-closing machines, designed to meet your packaging needs effectively.

Clip closing machine Model A480PLMVersatile Electro-Pneumatic System for Various Bag Sizes

The COMIPAK A480PL and A480PLM clip closing machines are equipped with an advanced electro-pneumatic system, accommodating an extensive range of bag sizes. From a minimum of 180 x 50 x 80mm to an infinitely adjustable maximum of 450 x 220mm, these machines ensure flexibility in packaging.

Efficiency meets speed: 40-55 Packages per minute

With a remarkable capacity of 40-55 packages per minute, the A480PL and A480PLM machines excel in sealing diverse products such as pasta, bread, pastry, dairy, and candy. Your products will be efficiently sealed, preserving their quality and freshness.

Tilting mechanism for optimal product setup

The innovative tilting mechanism of the A480PL and A480PLM clip closing machines ensures that your products are positioned optimally for sealing. This mechanism guarantees proper sealing, regardless of the size or shape of your products.

Perfect solution for businesses of all sizes

Whether you're a small business owner or a large-scale manufacturer, the A480PL and A480PLM clip closing machines offer an ideal solution to maintain the freshness and security of your products.

Complete packaging solution

As your one-stop packaging partner, we not only offer the A480PL clip-closing machine models but also a comprehensive range of essential packaging materials. Utilize the A480PL with our premium plastic coated closure systems or choose from our sustainable options like biodegradable or paper clip closures. This ensures a seamless and eco-friendly packaging experience.

When it comes to superior clip closing technology, the COMIPAK A480PL and A480PLM machines are your go-to choice. Trust in our expertise and elevate your packaging game today.


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