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Clip Closing machine Model A480-LAT




Introducing the A480-LAT, a pioneering clipping system designed exclusively for horizontal bags, catering to a diverse range of industries such as flat bread, pasta, bakery, confectionery, dairy, and sweets.

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At the heart of the A480-LAT lies its exceptional capability to apply both plastic "clipbands" for freshness and aluminum bands as "warranty-seals" to ensure content preservation. Our machine's versatility allows for either automatic, continuous loading or operator-controlled infeed, all triggered by an integrated photocell sensor. Elevate your horizontal bagging operations with this innovative solution that guarantees content freshness and longevity.

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Our commitment to comprehensive solutions extends beyond the A480-LAT machine. We proudly offer an array of packaging materials tailored to your needs. Seamlessly integrate the A480-LAT with our top-tier plastic coated closures, sustainable biodegradable options, or eco-friendly paper clip closures. This ensures a streamlined and efficient packaging process, leaving you with peace of mind and satisfied customers.

Discover the future of horizontal bag sealing with the A480-LAT clip closure machine. From its precision-driven operation to its synergy with our premium closures, Opti-Pack takes your packaging experience to unprecedented heights.

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Want to know everything about the Comipak A480-LAT? Download our brochure and discover how this clip-closing machine can improve your packaging process!


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