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Clip Closing machine Model A408-CS/A480-CS




Introducing the A408-CS and A480-CS, state-of-the-art clipping systems designed to seal preformed bags and apply a plastic "clipband" for ultimate freshness. Ideal for companies seeking efficient and cost-effective solutions to preserve product quality.

Clipclosing for bagsEfficient clip & seal closing for bags

Manually load bags onto the conveyor belt, triggering the cycle with a photocell sensor. Our machine excels in simultaneous sealing and clipping through precise photocell detection. Ensure optimal containment, freshness, and preservation of your products with a single seamless process.

Seamless integration with GPV40-IND clip-closing machines

For a comprehensive solution, explore our range of GPV40-IND clip-closing machines. Elevate your packaging experience with our high-quality plastic-coated closures, sustainable biodegradable options, or paper clip closures.

Automatic clip closure excellence

Enhance your packaging process with our advanced automatic clip closure technology. Streamline operations while guaranteeing product freshness and security.

Experience the future of clip closures with Comipak and Opti-Pack. Elevate your packaging game with innovation, efficiency, and superior freshness.

Clipping for bags


Want to know everything about the Comipak A480-CS? Download our brochure and discover how this clip-closingmachine can improve your packaging process!

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