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Clip Closing machine Model A408IND/A480IND




The Comipak A408IND/A480IND machines—precision-engineered solutions for reliable packaging across various food product categories.

clipping machinery Clipping machinery for enhanced packaging

Our cutting-edge machines excel at applying versatile plastic "clipbands" for preserving freshness and secure aluminum bands for airtight "warranty-seals" to pre-filled food bags. The bag infeed process is flexible, with options for continuous automated loading or manual operator-assisted loading. Triggered by a photocell, the start cycle guarantees impeccable precision and consistent packaging quality.

Versatility meets performance

Tailored for packaging pasta, bakery goods, confectionery, dairy items, and sweets, the Comipak A408IND/A480IND machines redefine versatility in food packaging. With user-friendly operation and exceptional performance, they address a wide spectrum of food packaging needs.

Explore packaging possibilities

As your comprehensive partner, we offer more than just the A408-IND clip-closing machine models. Dive into a world of essential packaging materials that complement our solutions perfectly. Enhance your packaging process with our premium plastic-coated closure systems, sustainable biodegradable options, or eco-friendly paper clip closures. Experience seamlessness and efficiency at every step of your packaging journey.

Effortless packaging evolution

Empower your packaging evolution with our A408-IND clip machines and a diverse array of closure options. From automatic clip closures to tailor-made solutions, we're committed to elevating your packaging experience.

clip closing


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