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The perfect packaging solution for large block-bottom bags



PACK 50/10

Meet the PACK 50/10 - the perfect packaging solution for large block-bottom bags! This automatic packing machine is designed to effortlessly handle medium to large size bags ranging from 2500 to 12500 g.

the perfect packaging solution for large block-bottom bags

Sustainable Packaging Solution for General Food Products: Introducing PACK 50/10

The PACK 50/10 gives a solution tailored for your business needs. Whether it's pasta, nuts, dry beans like lentils, cereals, rice, or biscuits, the PACK 50/10 is designed to efficiently handle a wide range of general food products with ease.

Designed and crafted by ITALPACK, a trusted name in packaging innovation, the PACK 50/10 is your answer to streamlined, sustainable packaging. This automated packing machine is your reliable partner, offering a seamless experience for large block-bottom bags weighing between 2500 to 12500 g.

Experience the advantage of high-speed production with the PACK 50/10, capable of delivering up to 20 bags per minute, depending on your chosen configuration. From its user-friendly interface to its intuitive design, this machine ensures a hassle-free operation, even for those with limited technical expertise.

The PACK 50/10 not only optimizes your packaging process but also aligns with sustainable practices. With an energy-efficient design and minimal maintenance requirements, it's a cost-effective investment that yields long-term benefits for your business.

Looking for versatility, reliability, and efficiency? The PACK 50/10 is the answer. Elevate your business with a packing solution that embodies sustainable packaging practices while effortlessly handling a diverse range of general food products. Choose the PACK 50/10 today and witness your business reach new heights.

the perfect packaging solution for large block-bottom bagsKey Features:

  • Effortless Handling of General Food Products
  • Streamlined Packaging Process
  • Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Design
  • User-Friendly Interface

Invest in the future of sustainable packaging with ITALPACK's PACK 50/10. Transform your packaging process and embrace efficiency while maintaining your commitment to quality and the environment.

the perfect packaging solution for large block-bottom bags

Want to know everything about the Pack 50/10? Download our brochure and discover how this machine can improve your general food products packaging process!

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