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Your Sustainable Solution for General Food Product Packaging



PACK 100/M

Enter the world of the PACK 100/M - a highly versatile packing machine for companies that require flexibility and increased production capacity! The Sustainable Solution for General Food Product Packaging.

 Sustainable Solution for General Food Product Packaging

Discover the ITALPACK Advantage with the PACK 100/M: Your Sustainable Solution for General Food Product Packaging

Step into the world of the PACK 100/M – an exceptional packing machine designed to enhance the packaging processes for a wide range of general food products, from pasta and nuts to dry beans like lentils, cereals, rice, and biscuits. As an authorized distributor of ITALPACK, we proudly introduce the PACK 100/M, a symbol of innovation and efficiency in the packaging industry.

The PACK 100/M: A Sustainable Choice for Your Packaging Needs

The PACK 100/M represents the epitome of versatility and productivity, catering to businesses that demand flexibility and increased capacity. Building upon the success of the PACK 100, this double-lane marvel is meticulously engineered to effortlessly handle use-ready block-bottom bags. Crafted with precision, the PACK 100/M is optimized to accommodate bag sizes ranging from 1000 to 2500 g, making it a perfect fit for enterprises with diverse product dimensions.

Elevating Performance: Powering Your Production

Experience the seamless synchronization of form and function as the PACK 100/M fills and seals two bags concurrently, achieving an impressive production rate of up to 65 bags per minute. Whether your requirement is for 1000 g at 65 bpm or 2500 g at 45 bpm, the PACK 100/M excels, ensuring high-speed precision packaging.

 Sustainable Solution for General Food Product PackagingInnovative Design for Efficiency and Excellence

Designed with cutting-edge technology, the PACK 100/M thrives on efficiency and excellence. Its user-friendly interface guarantees intuitive operation, making it accessible even to those with limited technical proficiency. Embrace sustainability with confidence, as this machine boasts energy efficiency and demands minimal maintenance, translating to a cost-effective and eco-conscious solution for your business.

Your Gateway to Progress: Elevate Your Business

In your pursuit of a versatile, high-speed packing solution capable of accommodating varying bag sizes and amplifying production capacity, the PACK 100/M emerges as the ultimate choice. Unleash the power of sustainable packaging and propel your business forward with the assurance of superior quality, flexibility, and operational efficiency.

Choose the ITALPACK PACK 100/M – Your Partner in Progress.

Want to know everything about the Italpack Pack 100M? Download our brochure and discover how this packaging system can improve your food packaging process!

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