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Get to know the PACK 25 - ITALPACK's unbeatable entry-level packing machine that seamlessly combines efficiency, reliability, and affordability for your sustainable packaging needs.

ITALPACK PACK 25: Unbeatable Sustainable Packaging Solution for General Food Products

Crafted to meet the demands of businesses seeking a hassle-free and eco-conscious packaging answer, the PACK 25 effortlessly handles various products, including pasta, nuts, dry beans like lentils, cereals, rice, and biscuits. This versatile machine operates at an impressive pace, effortlessly packing up to 25 bags per minute, ensuring a seamless production process that supports your business growth.

Our commitment to sustainable packaging is at the heart of the PACK 25's design. Delivering on ITALPACK's legacy of technological excellence, this machine empowers your business with an eco-friendly packaging solution that doesn't compromise on quality. Now you can optimize your packaging process while upholding your environmental responsibilities.

Operating the PACK 25 is remarkably user-friendly, designed with an intuitive interface that requires minimal technical expertise. Say goodbye to complex machinery hurdles. What's more, its low-maintenance and energy-efficient design ensures you enjoy substantial operational cost savings over time.

packing in paper bagsKey Features:

  • Sustainable Packaging: Championing eco-friendly packaging practices, the PACK 25 aligns with your commitment to sustainability, ensuring your products are packaged with care for the environment.
  • Versatile Performance: From 500 g (25 bpm) to 2500 g (18 bpm), the PACK 25 accommodates various sizes, offering adaptable packaging solutions for your diverse product range.
  • Streamlined Efficiency: Embrace a smarter, faster, and more affordable way to pack your products. The PACK 25 optimizes your packaging process without compromising on quality.


Don't settle for ordinary packaging solutions. Elevate your packaging standards and choose the PACK 25 – your partner in sustainable packaging and operational excellence.

Want to know everything about the Pack 25? Download our brochure and discover how this machine can improve your general food products packaging process!

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