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Packing patatoes is paper bags



PACK 50/5

Explore the PACK 50/5 - ITALPACK's latest advancement in our range of medium-sized packing machines! This automatic packing machine is designed to handle medium to large-sized ready-made, block-bottom bags with ease.

Packing patatoes is paper bags

ITALPACK PACK 50/5: Elevate Your Bagging Experience for Sustainable Packaging

Made to cater to the packaging needs of a variety of general food products, such as pasta, nuts, dry beans like lentils, cereals, rice, and biscuits, this automatic packing machine brings efficiency and versatility to your production line.

The PACK 50/5 excels in handling medium to large-sized ready-made block-bottom bags, offering unparalleled flexibility and a remarkable production capacity. With the capacity to accommodate bags ranging from 1000 to 5000 grams, this packing machine is adaptable to your diverse packaging requirements. For businesses seeking higher output, the option to integrate a second doser allows the PACK 50/5 to achieve an impressive rate of up to 22 bags per minute with 5000-gram bags.

Experience seamless packaging operations with the PACK 50/5, tailored for businesses demanding efficiency across various bag sizes. Boasting a production capacity of 38 bags per minute for 1000-gram bags and 22 bags per minute for 5000-gram bags, this machine ensures a smooth and streamlined packaging process.

At ITALPACK, we maintain our reputation for reliability and performance through the PACK 50/5. This investment offers a dependable solution for your business, emphasizing sustainability while achieving optimal results. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive design cater to all levels of technical expertise, ensuring easy operation. Moreover, the PACK 50/5 stands out with its minimal maintenance requirements and energy-efficient operation, presenting a cost-effective choice for long-term business success.

Experience the evolution of packaging with the ITALPACK PACK 50/5 - your partner for versatile, efficient, and reliable bagging solutions, perfectly aligned with your sustainable packaging goals and the diverse needs of the general food products industry.


Packing patatoes is paper bagsKey Features:

  • Sustainable Packaging Solutions
  • Accommodates General Food Products
  • Specialized for Block Bottom Bags
  • High Production Capacity up to 22 Bags/Minute
  • User-Friendly Interface and Low Maintenance


Elevate your packaging process with the ITALPACK PACK 50/5 and unlock new heights of efficiency and reliability.

Want to know everything about the Pack 50/5? Download our brochure and discover how this machine can improve your general foods products packaging process!

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