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Sustainable packing animalfood into paperbags



PACK 50/5

Explore the PACK 50/5 - ITALPACK's latest innovation in sustainable dog food packaging solutions. This advanced automatic packing machine sets a new standard for efficiency and versatility, catering to businesses seeking eco-friendly and reliable packaging options.

Sustainable packing animalfood into paperbags

The PACK 50/5 is engineered to handle medium to large-sized ready-made, block-bottom bags with utmost precision and ease. Designed with sustainability in mind, this machine offers a seamless transition to sustainable packaging practices for your dog food products.

With a remarkable production capacity ranging from 1000 to 5000 g, the PACK 50/5 ensures your packaging process remains efficient and productive. By incorporating sustainable packaging materials, you're not only enhancing your environmental footprint but also meeting the growing demand for eco-conscious choices.

What sets the PACK 50/5 apart is its adaptability. Equipped with the option to install a second doser, it can achieve an impressive speed of up to 22 bags per minute, particularly with 5000 g bags. This flexibility makes it a reliable solution for businesses of all sizes, ensuring you're well-equipped to meet market demands.

ITALPACK's commitment to quality and performance shines through in the PACK 50/5. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive design streamline operations, making it accessible even to those with limited technical expertise. Notably, the machine's low maintenance requirements and energy-efficient design contribute to long-term cost savings, further solidifying its status as a valuable investment.Sustainable packing animalfood into paperbags

Elevate your packaging strategy with the PACK 50/5 – an efficient, reliable, and sustainable packing machine that reflects your dedication to both quality and the environment. Take a step forward in the dog food packaging industry with this cutting-edge solution from ITALPACK.

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