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Filling and packaging system for animal food in ready paper bags



PACK 50/10

Meet the PACK 50/10 - the perfect packaging solution for large block-bottom bags! This automatic packing machine is designed to effortlessly handle medium to large size dog food bags ranging from 2500 to 12500 g.

Filling and packaging system for animal food in ready paper bags

The PACK 50/10, an advanced and sustainable packaging solution perfectly suited for large block-bottom bags. Designed by ITALPACK, a name synonymous with reliability and quality, this automatic packing machine redefines efficiency in the dog food packaging industry.

Effortlessly Handling Large Block-Bottom Bags: The PACK 50/10 has been meticulously engineered to handle medium to large-sized bags, catering to weights ranging from 2500 to 12500 g. Its automated prowess allows for seamless and efficient packaging, streamlining your production process.

Unleash High-Speed Production: With a remarkable production capacity of up to 20 bags per minute, the PACK 50/10 operates at peak performance, adaptable to your chosen configuration. Whether you're packaging dog food for retail or distribution, this machine ensures a rapid and reliable packaging process.

Elevate Your Business with User-Friendly Design: ITALPACK's commitment to user experience shines through in the PACK 50/10. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive design empower even those with limited technical expertise to operate this packing machine effortlessly. Your team can master its functionalities in no time.

A Greener Future Through Sustainable Packaging: As champions of sustainability, the PACK 50/10 aligns with your eco-conscious values. Its energy-efficient operation reduces environmental impact while its low-maintenance design ensures longevity, making it a wise and cost-effective investment for your business.

Choose Excellence, Choose PACK 50/10: When you require a dependable packing machine tailored for large block-bottom bags, the PACK 50/10 stands as the optimal choice. Elevate your dog food packaging process with its flexibility, reliability, and undeniable efficiency. Embrace a future of streamlined operations and sustainable practices.

Filling and packaging system for animal food in ready paper bags

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