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Filling and closing sustainable paper ready bags



PACK 100/S

Introducing the ITALPACK PACK 100/S - an innovative, high-capacity automatic packing machine meticulously designed to cater to medium-sized ready-made block-bottom bags.

Filling and closing sustainable paper ready bags

Crafted to meet the dynamic demands of businesses in the realm of building materials and chemicals, this advanced machine brings unparalleled efficiency to your packaging process.

Equipped with two twin auger dosers, the PACK 100/S not only ensures precision but also doubles the productivity by filling and sealing two bags simultaneously. Experience the pinnacle of output as this powerhouse achieves a remarkable production capacity of up to 40 bags per minute, streamlining your operations and enhancing your overall efficiency.

Dedicated to adhering to the highest quality standards, the PACK 100/S guarantees the safe and secure packaging of your valuable products. Its sustainable packaging approach not only safeguards your goods but also contributes to your commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

Navigating this cutting-edge equipment is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface and intuitive design. From experienced operators to those with limited technical expertise, everyone can seamlessly manage the PACK 100/S, reducing operational complexities.

Beyond its performance prowess, the PACK 100/S shines as an energy-efficient and low-maintenance solution. Witness a reduction in energy consumption and operational costs, enabling you to allocate resources where they matter most - growing your business.

Filling and closing sustainable paper ready bags

Indulge in the seamless synergy of sustainability, innovation, and efficiency. If you seek a high-capacity automatic packing machine that accommodates medium-sized block-bottom bags while emphasizing sustainable packaging, the ITALPACK PACK 100/S emerges as your optimal choice. Elevate your production capabilities, enhance your product protection, and embrace a greener approach to packaging with this exceptional machine.

Want to know everything about the Pack 100/S? Download our brochure and discover how this packaging system can improve your building materials 7 chemicals packaging process!

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