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Discover the PACK 50 - ITALPACK's powerful medium-capacity packing machine that takes your packaging game to the next level!

Filing machine for paper bagsOur commitment to simplicity, strength, and sustainability sets the PACK 50 apart, making it the ultimate choice for businesses seeking reliable and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Efficient Bagging of Powders and Granulates: With a remarkable capacity of up to 42 bags per minute, the PACK 50 excels in packaging a versatile range of products, from 500 g to 2500 g. Whether it's flour, washing powder, sugar, grains, salt, or baking soda, our machine ensures a seamless and efficient packaging process, maximizing your overall productivity.

Sustainable Packaging with Technological Excellence: ITALPACK's legacy of quality and technological prowess shines through in the PACK 50. Our medium-capacity machine delivers the same level of reliability and performance that ITALPACK is renowned for, presenting a valuable and forward-thinking investment for your business.

Intuitive Design, Easy Operation: Experience hassle-free operation with the PACK 50's user-friendly interface and intuitive design. Even individuals with limited technical expertise can efficiently manage the machine. Moreover, its low maintenance and energy-efficient features make it a cost-effective solution that ensures long-term savings for your business.

Vul-sluitmachine blokbodemzakkenVersatile Solutions for Block Bottom Bags: Empower your packaging process with the PACK 50's versatility in handling various packaging types, including sustainable block bottom bags. Seamlessly adapt to changing market trends and consumer preferences while contributing to a greener future.

Choose the ITALPACK PACK 50 and unlock a powerful, efficient, and eco-conscious packing solution that propels your business towards new heights!

Want to know everything about the Pack 50? Download our brochure and discover how this system can improve your powders & granulates packaging process!


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